The Devolution of Musicians

The Devolution of Musicians is definitely not a music tutor book.
Just a very naughty (and silly) book – for those musicians that don’t take themselves too seriously. This is the hilarious spoof book that describes the origins of all musicians.  All species from vocalists (vocalis) to guitarists (gitus) right through the instrument range to violinists (screechus) are described in detail, what they feed on, how they breed etc.  Then each species is broken down into the various sub-species where you are guaranteed to meet some familiar faces.  If you’ve not actually worked with some of them then you’ll have seen them.  OK, so it’s just a neat way of lampooning all the musician stereotypes – and for once it’s not just drummers that come in for the abuse – it’s equally shared out.  Essential tour bus and toilet reading!



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