Acoustic Guitar – Right From The Start

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Learn Acoustic Guitar – Right From The Start, is designed to be easy and friendly, even for the most nervous beginners.  Laid out in simple easy to follow steps, total beginners are able to play musically from the moment they take their first guitar out of its box.  Strumming chords, simple fingerpicking and great sounding, easy to play music examples – all demonstrated on the included CD.  The CD also allows the student to join in with the demonstrations by fading back the main parts after 2 or 3 run throughs.  The whole approach of the author is to gradually build confidence, knowing that  confidence will be its own motivator for the student.  Students will never be rushed through the book but will accomplish a great deal by the end, learning basic chords, common chord progressions, simple finger style, alternate tunings.  Clear large photos and diagrams complete the package.


All tracks previously included with the print book as a CD can now be accessed free of charge at This site has been completely updated in 2023 and requires no logging in or registration, simply go to the site and select your book from the Books dropdown.


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