Learn Bass from beginner to your 1st Band

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Learn Bass From Beginner To Your 1st Band has been developed to take total, complete beginners to music and the guitar to a high enough standard to join a band or play with other musicians. This means placing equal emphasis on developing technique and basic musicianship whilst also developing YOUR creativity – a subject mysteriously avoided by most tutor books. The accompanying audio tracks (available free and without need to register at: www.thinkinnote.com) demonstrates every stage using carefully produced tracks that allow you to develop at your own pace whilst feeling like part of the band from the very beginning. The book is divided into two sections, the white section is “The Knowledge” and the blue or middle section is “The Method”. You can dive into “The Knowledge” at any point and read about a given subject; technique, scales, chords etc. and when you’re in the mood to study you turn to “The Method” to show you how to put it all together.


All tracks previously included with the print book as a CD can now be accessed free of charge at www.thinkinnote.com. This site has been completely updated in 2023 and requires no logging in or registration, simply go to the site and select your book from the Books dropdown.

– Clive Gregory